Friday, January 11, 2013

Announcements 1-14-13

News from Team USA

Team USA has set up a student exchange program with the Town School. Later this month, we will be sending 10 eighth graders to spend the day at Town school and they will send 10 to spend the day with us. We will follow up with reports and reflections and discussions.

Team USA has been spending a lot of time re-organizing its committee time. We will have four corporations and each will have 3 or 4 holding companies. It is our hope to get more work done in a more formal setting. It will involve us reaching out to several outside community organizations.

 Team USA is hosting a number of former City School students who have experience in US Customs, Internet Safety, Basics of College Life and others as we contact them.

Team USA is looking to re-institute its mentoring program with its Kindergarten Buddies.

St. Albans City School Wins Fai-To!

Congratulations to St. Albans City School for earning their second victory of the school year in a Mangahigh Fai-To.  The Raiders were challenged by Locust Grove Elementary School on Tuesday and completed the challenge in 4 days.  Since we were challenged by Locust, we held a one round advantage and only needed to win four rounds to earn the victory.  Nice effort by all those who took the time to practice some math skills and topics.


A reminder to 5th grade band people, lessons for drums, saxes, clarinet, and trumpet are today. Beginning strings are after school today.

MathCounts Competition

Today at 8:30AM -- Good luck!

Eighth Graders - BFA Experience

The BFA experience is tonight at 6:30 at Collins-Perley Complex for all eighth graders and their parents.

Other dates of interest to 8th graders:

During the week of Jan 22,2013 - parents will be receiving teacher recommendations for core classes.

Jan 30 -6:30 -7:30     Kathrine Hutchinson will speak with parents about class selections here at City School.

Jan 31 - 8:30-9:15- Mrs. Hutchinson returns to speak with the students.

Feb 8- Registration and class selections due to Deb McCarthy.

May 24,2013-  11:00-2:00  - orientation at BFA.

Drama Club


Hot Lunch Entree for Monday Jan. 14th

Localvore Day 
Chicken Patty Sandwich 
Local Roasted Potato Wedges  
Local Roasted 
Root Vegetables 
Fresh Local Apple 
Hood Milk