Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Announcements 1-30-13

SACS Morning Meeting

SACS Morning Meeting from Team USA on Vimeo.

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A morning meeting involving all the grade 7- 8 communities and the Travelers. Dynamic Design, Renaissance, Team USA and the Travelers met for 15 minutes in the library to check out the morning announcements and sing a few songs to start the day.

SACS French

My name is Alana Torraca and I am originally from Ottawa, the capital of Canada. I speak French and Japanese. I am teaching French to the seventh grade students in unified arts and on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:45-11:15, I invite anyone who would like to come to the French room for "La table francaise" (the French table), where we can speak in French and I can answer questions about French and help with French homework. A bientot!


The full orchestra will not be rehearsing tomorrow afternoon, Thursday. 

BFA Informational Course Selection

Tonight (1/30) at 6:30 in the SACS Cafeteria. For 8th grade students and their families.

Hot Lunch Entree for Wednesday January 30th

Homemade Cheese or Veggie Pizza 
Side Caesar Salad 
Celery Sticks 
Fresh Fruit 
Hood Milk