Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Announcements 3-13-13

Team USA Has Raider Pride!

We are the most innovative school in the state. Our students are second to none in their ability to think creatively and solve problems. Our school is changing the reputation of the entire St. Albans Community. Pride is believing in yourselves, and we have every right to feel great about our City school family.


Could the Sr. Band 8th Graders who are not taking the SBAC tests please stay in their teams today at 1 pm. Jr. Band and Orchestra are having a full rehearsal on Thursday, and all music lessons are back to normal on Thursday.


Reminder to all athletes, please return your uniforms and jerseys to Mrs. Trainer ASAP.

Lunch Menu for Wednesday March 13th

Ham &  Cheese Double Decker 
Or Yogurt Parfait Meal w/Cheese Stick Or Sunbutter & Jelly w/Cheese Stick 
Or Deli Sandwich Meal Or Salad Bar Meal Or Pizza Meal 
Side Garden Salad 
Celery Sticks w/Hummus Dip 
Fresh Fruit 
Fresh Milk