Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Announcements 3-21-13

Incredibles have Raider Pride!

Incredibles have Raider Pride because we don't just have team t-shirts but Raider t-shirts to show our Raider Pride and wear them every Friday on Raider Day.

News from Team USA

Team USA and VT Health Department Perform Experiment

Chris, from the Vermont Department of Health, lead Team USA students in a scientific experiment at City School.  As part the Green Ribbon Award process, City School is under going some radon testing.  Chris discussed how the experiment is performed and gave us a real example of a scientific process.  Students learned about radon and how high levels of it can effect us and the environment.  Students distributed the radon test vials throughout the entire first floor of the school. They will be collecting the vials later in the week.  The VT Department of Health will analyze and report the data.  Look for the students
 to communicate the findings.

City School Challenged by British School

The Ashleigh Primary School from Britain has challenged St. Albans City School in a Mangahigh Fai-to.  This is a school wide math competition.  Teachers and students can login to Mangahigh to play games or complete teacher challenges to earn points.  The first school to win five rounds is declared the winner.  The winner receives the other school's points and trophy.  With the day off and the weekend coming up, we need to make sure we get online and practice some math skills.  Let's go Raiders!


Jr. Band, 8th grade Jazz Band,  and full Orchestra are rehearsing today. All instruments should be going home over the long weekend.

Summer Camp Scholarships

Applications are available  at The Chauncy B Warner Scholarship provides financial assistance for students participating in summer camps offered by the St. Albans Recreation Dept. Applications must be received on or before April 1st. If you have questions please contact Mr. Hoben at 527-0565 ext. 1106.

Lunch Menu for Thurs. March 21st

Cheesy  Breadsticks 
Or Yogurt Parfait Meal w/Cheese Stick Or Sunbutter & Jelly w/Cheese Stick 
Or Deli Sandwich Meal Or Salad Bar Meal Or Pizza Meal 
Hearty Homemade Soup
Marinara Dipping Sauce 
Side Garden Salad 
Fresh Fruit 
Fresh Milk