Monday, April 15, 2013

Announcements 4-16-13

News from The Incredibles

Students in the Incredibles have been working on their persuasive skills. All students were given a week long challenge to sell a not so interesting product.  The products range from binder clips to masking tape to a paper clip.  Students were able to choose their partners and figure out the best ways to persuade the judges.  

Some students even became City School's very own Billy Mays and made infomercials. The winners of the persuasive contest we rewarded with some small prizes.  

Check out some examples:

Beauty and the Beast

Congratulations to Ms. Jarvis and the cast for an incredible weekend of performances. Sundays performance ended with some of Ms. Jarvis' former students returning to wish her well on her last show before retirement at the end of this year.

"Drama Mamas" have assumed all of the clean up for the show - so no one has to stay today for the originally scheduled clean-up day!

Calendar Note

May 24th will now be a half day for students. It was a scheduled in-service day but in order to make up for our recent snow day it has been changed.

Math Competition Has Begun!  
Help St. Albans City School in a Mangahigh Fai-To.  

We are currently in a battle vs Stittsville Public School from Canada.  In order to defeat our opponent we need to earn points be completing any challenges or playing games on Mangahigh.  

Inline image 1

Also we have noticed some local competition moving up on the leader board in the North American Challenge.  City School is currently in 27th place and we could use some help catching our friends from SATEC.
Get on Mangahigh and practice those math skills!

Inline image 2

Odyssey of the Mind

Autism Awareness

No two people with autism are alike! It varies greatly from person to person.

Lunch Menu for Tuesday April 16th

Mini Sea Shell Pasta w/Cheese Sauce 
Or Yogurt Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich Or Salad Bar Or Pizza 
Celery Sticks w/Hummus Dip 
Maple Muffins 

Fresh Fruit 
Fresh Milk