Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Announcements 4-17-13

News from the Voyagers

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The Voyagers have been 'Spacing Out' as we research and ride our way through the solar system! Last week, with the help of Mrs. Wade and Angela Case from the Houston Space Center, we launched off on a virtual field trip that helped us explore our cosmos.Did you know that right now there are over 3,000 satellites circling our planet? WOW!

Rosie's Girls

Rosie's girls is a 3 week camp for middle school girls that encourages participants to develop and strengthen their capacities and confidence and helps them expand their perception of the range of educational and career options that are attainable in an atmosphere that is fun, supportive and positive.  We do this through introducing them to trades like carpentry, engineering and firefighting.  We also spend time getting to know each other, being creative, and exploring what it means to be a middle school girl and what pressures and expectations are all around.  Each girl takes home a toolbox they make complete with a set of tools, along with tons of new experiences, and great friendships.   Please contact Erica Bertucci (bertuccie@fcsuvt.org or 527-0565 x 5051) for more information. Erica is our Tech Ed teacher and also runs the program in the summer.  Here is an application with more information.

Come to the
 4-6 Spring Fling Dance 
hosted by the Voyagers
this Friday, April 19th
It is just $3.00 to enter and refreshments are available for purchase.


A reminder to Mr. Mehaffey's students that there is no band or orchestra lessons today or tomorrow.

Autism Awareness
Autism is a condition, not a disease. You cannot “catch” autism!

Lunch Menu for Wednesday April 17th

Homemade Cheese or Veggie Pizza 
Or Yogurt Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich Or Salad Bar Or Pizza
Side Caesar Salad 
Maple Glazed Carrots 
Fresh Fruit 

Fresh Milk