Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Announcements 4-18-13

News from The Investigators

The Investigators have been learning about the functions of the human body.  They recently made a model of the intestines. They witnessed how food makes its way through the body while nutrients are extracted to give our bodies fuel to keep us energized. 

Field Trip

Kindergarten and First Grade are going to the Welden Theatre today at 8:30am.


A reminder to band and string students. There is no Jr. Band today, and no orchestra after school. Sr. Band should report to the band room at 1, to hear Eric Bushey from BFA talk about the BFA Fine Arts program. On Friday, Sr. Band will be outside to march. 


No 7/8 Baseball today. Practice tomorrow at 3:45

News from Team Triumph

Hallway Swimming from Team Triumph on Vimeo.
*videos will not display in email. click here to view.

To get our blood flowing before class, Triumph 6th graders enjoyed hallway swimming! DO NOT try without teacher permission! 

Autism Awareness

When referring to someone with Autism use person first language.
“ I have a friend with Autism”
not- “ I have an Autistic friend”

Lunch Menu for Thursday April 18th

Chicken or Cheese Quesadilla on Soft Flour Tortilla 
Or Yogurt Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich Or Salad Bar Or Pizza
Rice Pilaf 
Warm Black Beans 
Steamed corn 
Maple Sundaes 
Fresh Fruit 
Fresh Milk