Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Announcements 9-17-14

St. Albans Raid

Here is the conclusion of the story of the St. Albans Raid:


We are having the ribbon cutting for the new path tomorrow (Thursday) outside so remember to dress warm!

Chorus for 5th and 6th Grade
Mark your calendars! 

Team Discovery is hosting a 4-6 grade dance next week on Friday, September 26th. Come FALL into the first dance of the year!


This is the last day to order mums from the Farm to School Perennial Fall Mum Sale.  Plants will be delivered next week.
***Please note:  if you have ordered, please pay at the front desk of school to complete your order.***
If you would like to order, please email Heather Smith at smith@fcsuvt.org TODAY and leave payment at the front desk.
What is a “Global Warming Mum?”
•Typically, mums are “annuals.” That means growers must buy new ones and plant them each fall, when mums grow.
•The Global Warming Mum is a “perennial.” Plant it in the ground once, and enjoy it season after season. Buying a mum that we only need to plant once puts less stress on our environment.
Helping bees: Global Warming Mums are a good, late fall food source for bees, because…
•Global Warming Mums bloom late – well into November.
         •Vermont’s fall temperatures can be higher than 55 degrees.
         •And bees fly and feed at temperatures of 55 and above.
Less plastic
         •The pot that holds the Global Warming Mum says “Circle of Life.” (www.circleoflifeplants.com)
         •This pot is biodegradable. Plant it into the ground, then break it apart to let the roots grow, and it will disappear over time.
         •This is important, considering the U.S. makes about 30 million tons of plastic containers every year.
No peat
         •VOR’s (Vermont Organics Reclamation) Global Warming Mums also contain VOR’s soils, which do not have peat. Peat is a carbon that comes from the ground. We have global warming, because there is too much carbon in the air. VOR keeps peat out of its products to keep it in the ground, where it belongs.
Conservation 3 mums
Stewardship 6 mums
Green Ribbon 10 mums


The Ellis Music company salesman will be in the band room tonight at 6pm, for parents to come and rent instruments for beginning band. The side door of the school, by the big gym will have someone there to let you in.

Students who are getting school instruments will not need to be there, you will get an instrument at your first lesson, which will be next week.


The 7/8 Soccer Teams have home games today starting at 4:00pm.

Bicycle/Skate/Ski Helmet
Orders Due September 26th

There will be ONE helmet drive this Fall.  Anyone needing to order a bicycle, skate boarding, or ski helmet should pick up an order form from the bulletin board area of the school's front lobby.  Contact Mitch Craib at craibm@fcsuvt.org 802 527 0565 x3217 with questions.  If price is a concern, please let Mitch know.  Everyone riding on wheels or skis should be wearing a helmet.  Link to helmet order form that can be printed out.

Quick Safe-Routes-to-School Transportation Tally #2

During daily announcements, please count and record a show of hands for each type of transport.

How did students arrive at school (Morning)?
How are students planning to leave school (Afternoon)?

School bus
Family vehicle


Record data on supplied sheet and return to the Mitch Craib mail box after morning meeting.  Thank you.

Elks Soccer Shoot

When: Sat. 9/20 9:00 - 1:00

Where: Hard'ack

For Who: Anyone 13 and under.

The event includes and FREE cookout and a FREE T-shirt for each child participant.

Questions? Call Chris Hall at 782-4122

Lunch Menu for Wednesday September 17th

Shepherd's Pie 
Caesar Salad 
Fruit and Veggie Bar 
Homemade Soup 
Or Yogurt Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich 
Fresh Milk