Monday, September 22, 2014

Announcements 9-23-14

News from Bright Beginnings

Ms Lawyer's kindergarten class are having their first ever art class with Kathy Brown....and... For Mrs Brown her first Kindergarten class ever!


All 7th grade violins have a lesson today at 12:30.

6th grade violins are reminded to bring their violin to school for Wednesday lessons.

Could beginning strings please make sure to see Mr. Mehaffey today to get sized for their violin or cello.

Beginning lessons for oboe, drums, and bass guitar are this afternoon. Check the list outside of the classroom doors for your time.

Walking Contest Results

Congratulations to the Voyagers for winning the walking contest for the second week in a row.  They get to hang onto the Golden Shoe award for at least another week.  Walking miles are less than half what they were in the Spring across all learning communities.  Any community who walks a mile a day here at school, and who counts all the miles commuting to and from school, will have a good chance of being competitive in the weeks ahead. 

Open House - This Thursday 9/25

Field Trip

Bright Beginnings is going to Hackett's Orchard today at 8:45am.

If you are interested in finding out more information about the Codesmyths programming course, please come to the kick-off event on Wed. Sept. 24th at 8:15 in the Library.  
Codesmyths is open to all students in grades 4-8.  This kick-off is a great time to find out more about the course and get your questions answered.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Mr. Roland, Ms. Bertucci, Ms. Tagliamonte


If you missed today's rehearsal, you can come on Wednesday

Open Doors

Now is the time to make sure you have handed in your registration forms, Many classes are already full so please make sure you have a first, second and third choice for  each day you want to come to Open Doors.
Thank you!


There is a Cross Country meet this afternoon at SATEC at 3:30.

Lunch Menu for Tuesday September 23rd

Rotini w/Meat Sauce or Marinara Sauce 
Spinach Salad 
Fruit and Veggie Bar 
Homemade Soup 
Garlic Breadstick
Or Yogurt Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich 
Fresh Milk