Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Announcements 10-15-14

National School Lunch Week

Everyone in the SACS Kitchen works hard everyday to make healthy, delicious meals for all SACS students. Take some time this week to get to know them - check out the posters hanging up at lunch.

Student enjoy the weather by eating outside and playing tetherball at lunch time.


Full Orchestra will be rehearsing tomorrow afternoon.

6th grade violins have lessons today at 12:30.

After School Meals

Any student who is enrolled in an after school program including SES Tutoring, Library Homework Club, and Open Doors can receive a meal after school at no cost. Meals include a sandwich, fruit or vegetable, a snack and a drink. We encourage students to participate and we are so fortunate to have this very important program!

Walking Contest Results for 5th Week

Bright Beginnings easily won the Golden Shoe Award for the 5th week of the walking contest. The kindergarteners had almost double the miles of the next highest mileage team. Looking over the tally sheets it is clear that the Bright Beginnings learning community did a lot of laps around the walking path, especially Mrs Walsh's group. Congratulations.

Field Trip

Today and Tomorrow Kindergarten will be going to Price Chopper and Hudak Farm with some classes going to Hudak Farm today and Price Chopper tomorrow and some classes going to Price Chopper today and Hudak Farm tomorrow.


The 7/8 Soccer Teams have home games this afternoon

Walking Wednesday

Just in case you are not aware of it, St. Albans City School is having walking Wednesday's every Wednesday throughout October.  Today is one of those days. Come join us.  Stickers and pencils to all participants.  Coffee and cereal to adults that walk in with the students.  We are trying to break our participant record of 252 people.  If you prefer to bike, that counts too.

Urgent Need for Four Winds Volunteers

The Four Winds Nature Program volunteer does not require a science degree or a teaching certification; just an interest in learning, sharing and being involved in your child’s classroom. Volunteers are supplied with all the materials and trained for each lesson.
During the 2014-2015 school year the Four Winds Nature Program will be studying Patterns in Nature with 5 units:
All sorts of Insects -Tuesday, September 9
Animal Disguise/Surprise -Tuesday,October 14 
Tracks- Tuesday, November 11
Snow- Tuesday, January 13
Nests-Tuesday, March 17
***all inservices listed above for volunteers are from 830am-10am at SATEC (Town School).***
We urgently need volunteers in all K-6 classrooms.  Please spread the word and get other parents, grandparents, or those who have a love for science involved.  Sadly, our volunteer numbers have declined and we need you.  
September and October units are videotaped and are available for viewing.
contact Heather Smith at smithh@fcsuvt.org for more information.
Open Doors

The following Open Doors classes begin today, Wednesday, October 15th:
  •  Wed Drumming for Success (We have a second drumming class on Thursday.
Please see Open Doors if you do not remember which day you are signed up for drumming. Drumming students check in with Open Doors in the cafeteria.

  • Playwriting and Puppet Workshop
        Session B students taking Playwriting will board bus #4 at 3:10 and will check in with Open Doors at bus #4 before boarding the bus. Session A students taking playwriting go to the cafeteria at 2:40 dismissal.

  • Hip Hop
          Important information about Hip Hop

      At 2:40 dismissal Session A students enrolled in Hip Hop will go to the library  not the cafeteria. This is different than last year.
      At 3:10 dismissal Session B students enrolled in Hip Hop will go to the cafeteria.  

It is very important that all students riding the buses after school follow the bus expectations. This information is also posted on the Open Doors Board. Feel free to call Open Doors if you have any questions.

Lunch Menu for Wednesday October 15th

Chicken Caesar Salad 
Chopped Green Salad 
Fruit and Veggie Bar 
Homemade Soup 
Garlic Breadsticks 
Or Yogurt Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich Or Pizza 
Fresh Milk