Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Announcements 10-16-14

News from Team USA

Last week, Team USA was visited by the Executive Director of Campaign for Vermont. He shared the organizations vision for Vermont, particularly its education system. He also spoke about the role of lobbyist in Montpelier and Washington.

On Friday afternoon, of this week, US Congressman Peter Welch, will be visiting Team USA for a few minutes. If you have a student (or adult) who is especially political, we have some space for a few guest. Please contact Team USA.


Full Orchestra is rehearsing this afternoon.

7th grade violin lessons are today at 12:30.

October 15th Walking Wednesday Numbers

A total of 269 people walked and biked into school on Wednesday. 237 were students. This is the highest participation rate we have ever had!  It was a warm, beautiful walk in. If you have not already done so, please consider joining one of our walking school bus groups next Wednesday.

Interesting Facts about St. Albans

Dutcher’s Drug Store

Located at 81 North Main Street on the east side of Main Street, Dutcher’s Drug Store opened in 1841 and continued in business under Dutcher family ownership for 120 years.  At one time, it was the only drugstore between Burlington, Vermont and St. Johns, Quebec. The Dutchers made some of their own products including Dutcher’s Lightning Fly Killer, Dutcher’s Dead Shot Bug Poison and Dutcher’s No. 5 Cologne.  The Lightning Fly Killer was made in a two story factory on Jail Street, which is now called Pearl Street.  It was sold nationwide and remained a popular product for about sixty years until it was replaced in the early 1900s by so-called “Sticky Fly Paper”.  During the St. Albans Raid, Mr. Elinus Morrison was shot by Raid leader Bennett Young.  Mr. Morrison was given temporary care at Dutcher’s Drug Store.

Looking north on Main Street in 1860.  Dutcher’s Drug Store was in the middle of the block.

Math Night

The 4-6 Math Night will be held tonight, 6-7 pm in the Learning Commons.  Come and join the 4-6 math teachers as they discuss the "new math" strategies.

Open Doors

The following Open Doors classes begin today, Thursday, October 16th:
  • Drumming for Success
  • CHOMP for Families (Remember this is the class for students and families)
  • Language Sampling  at BFA
  • Session B students taking Language Sampling at BFA will board bus #3 at 3:10.   Students will check in with Open Doors at bus #3 before boarding the bus. If parents are picking up their children at BFA, please pick-up at the south side of BFA (where the big sign is)
  • Aviation, Kindness Center and Chemistry do not start today.

All session A students taking Open Doors classes go to the cafeteria at 2:45 dismissal.

Open Doors will let students know what bus they will be boarding to go to their BFA classes. Students will check in with Open Doors at the bus dismissal area before boarding the bus.


The 7/8 Soccer Teams have away games this afternoon in Fairfax starting at 4:15.

Lunch Menu for Thursday October 16th

Chicken Fajita 
Chicken, Sautéed Onions andPeppers, Soft Flour Tortilla, Salsa, 
Cabot Sour Cream 
Rice Pilaf 
Fruit and Veggie Bar 
Homemade Soup 
Or Yogurt Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich Or Pizza 
Fresh Milk