Monday, December 1, 2014

Announcements 12-2-14

Veterans Day


Jr. Band is rehearsing today at 12:15.

5th grade A students in teams Discovery and Incredibles should be directed into the band room for our first day of lessons. Students should report to the band room at 8 am this morning.

Jr. Band drums and bass guitar have lessons this afternoon.

7th and 8th grade violins are together today at 11:30.

Learning Showcases

This year we are implementing the first version of our K-8 e-portfolio system. We are so excited to create an innovative system that will record your child's learning as they go through the years at our school. We imagine that as students reach 8th grade, parents and students will be able to look back over the years and see the growth and learning that has occurred. We want this to be a valuable tool for students, parents and staff. 

Please be aware that while students and staff have put tremendous energy into the portfolios you will see this week, the system is not perfect. There are some challenges with the software and with the first school-wide implementation.  We are all learning - so this is a work in progress.

At the March Learning Showcase we will be asking parents for input so that our system can continue to improve and meet the needs of all families.


There is no school for students on Friday December 5th due to Learning Showcases.

Culminating Event Schedule

Bright BeginningsCommunity/Family 12/18/201412:30 Lunch 1:15 Sing a Long Concert in Library
ExplorersSt. Albans City- Then and now12/17/20141:30-2:30
ImaginationMy Farm12/12/201410:45-11:30 (can stay for lunch)
InvestigatorsPumpkin Patch1/21/20155:00-6:00pm
TravelersMake and Take Night12/17/20143:30-4:30
DiscoveryCloudy with a Chance of meatballs production (economy) 12/18/20146:00-7:00pm
IncrediblesIncredible Products (Economy)12/19/20147:30-8:45 am
TriumphEconomic Vlogs12/18/20146:00-7:00
VoyagersVoyager Entrepreneurs12/19/201410-11:30
RenaissanceGovernment - Web visit with Bernie Sanders12/16/201412:00-1:00pm
Team USAGovernment12/18/20145:30-6:30pm

Walking Wednesday is Tomorrow 12/3

Please join us.  Let's see if our normal number of over 200 student participants can brave winter weather and walk in to school. Parents are welcome to be a part of the walk and can get some cereal and hot coffee in the cafeteria afterwards.

Open Doors

The following Open Doors classes meet today Tuesday, December 2nd  
  • Session B students taking Archery will board bus #2 at 3:10.  Archery students will check in with Open Doors at bus #2 before boarding the bus. Please note that there is a new Archery class that will be beginning on Tuesday, December 16th. Open Doors will confirm with the students that are enrolled in this new class.

VerMONEY-held at City School. 

Aviation program update:  Congratulations to Aria G. and Kelly B.who had a chance to fly on Thursday November 20th.  They braved cold and windy conditions and were rewarded with a fantastic experience and amazing views.  Other students stayed on the ground and had a chance to try out a flight simulator. There are two students that have been patiently waiting to fly.  Hopefully they will fly this week. (Open Doors will let the two students know) The program has ended for the other students who had their flight experience.

All session A students taking Open Doors classes go to the cafeteria at 2:45 dismissal.

It is very important that all students riding the buses after school follow the bus expectations. 

Raider the Penguin

Remember me? I'm Raider the Penguin! SACS adopted me to support Emperor Penguins with the money saved by giving up straws in the cafeteria. You might see me in some fun places around the school in the next few weeks - stay tuned!

Lunch Menu for Tuesday December 2nd

Hot Turkey Sandwich w/Gravy
Mashed Potato
Fruit and Veggie Bar
Homemade Soup
Or Yogurt Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich Or Pizza
Fresh Milk