Friday, February 13, 2015

Announcements 2-16-15

Wellness Month - Nutrition and Exercise

Start your day with some tabatas with Team Imagination!

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Healthy Choices in Bright Beginnings

Ms. Lamb, Ms. White,and Ms. Bertucci have been visiting the Kindergarten classrooms to discuss healthy choices.  Students are learning about Dragon D and the 5 food groups, along with practicing yoga with popcorn the dolphin.  For the last part of the lesson, everyone gets to make a healthy snack of fish swimming in the ocean!


No Jr. Band lessons today.

Beginning strings have lessons this afternoon.
News from The Travelers

The Travelers celebrated Valentine's Day with a formal party! We dressed to the "nines" and enjoyed food, music, and friendship a day early.


Did you know that soft drinks such as sodas and other sugar sweetened drinks are the primary source of added sugars in the average American diet? These drinks have been associated with the rising rates of obesity in our country. Kids on average take in 10-15% of their daily calories from sugar sweetened beverages. Instead of a soda or other sugary drink, what could you drink instead?

Door Decorating Contest

This week's theme for your door is Nutrition! Make sure you have all four themes on your door: Water, Mindfulness, Exercise and Nutrition. The judging will take place on Friday. Good luck!
Open Doors

The following Open Doors classes begin today Monday, February 16th:
  • Ready, Set, Cook-held at City School
  • Bubble Bonanza- held at City School

 Please mark your calendars for Monday, March 23rd which will be the first Monday of Girls on the Run.

All session A students taking Open Doors classes go to the cafeteria at 2:45 dismissal.
It is very important that all students riding the buses after school follow the bus expectations. 
Hibernation Vacation

Dear Teachers and Students,

Hibernation Vacation starts on February break.  Over Hibernation Vacation unplug everything electrical inside of your classrooms such as computer carts, projectors, and have your refrigerators cleaned out and unplugged and also unplug lamps and fans to conserve energy.  
Thank you, Team USA Energy Committee.     

Culminating Events


Reminder to all  5-8 Cheerleaders to return their uniforms and any picture orders to Mrs. Trainer by Tuesday.

February is Dental Health Month


A riddle:  What two letters of the alphabet make us lose our teeth?

Answer:  D.K.  (decay) 

How to prevent cavities:

Make sure to drink lots of water with fluoride to produce plenty of saliva during the day.
Brush with fluoride toothpaste after eating.
Avoid starch and sweets between meals to decrease the amount of acids in the mouth.

Lunch Menu for Monday February 16th

Macaroni and Cheese Gingered Cabbage Salad Fruit and Veggie Bar Homemade Soup Or Yogurt Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich Or Pizza Fresh Milk