Friday, June 5, 2015

Announcements 6-8-15

Stewardship News from The Travelers

This past trimester, the Travelers have been busy learning about the life cycle of plants.  We are getting ready to plant this year’s sunflower garden with Mrs. Smith later in the week.  To prepare, the heads of the sunflowers were cut off in the fall and given to Ms. Cavallo to feed her chickens. Then we pulled the dead stalks out of the garden.

In order to attract birds, students worked as teams to build birdhouses.  These birdhouses line one side of the community garden.  Recently, while out on a walk, we spotted a bird flying into one of the bird houses.  After nesting season, students will clean out the unoccupied houses. We’ve also been busy creating a sign to mark our garden.  

Throughout the year, students have worked with Mrs. Brown to study the sunflower used in art and to create one of a kind T-Shirt designs using the sunflower as the focus.  The team then voted on one design for our team t-shirt.  Destiny Thompson’s design was sent off to an in-house artist who prepped her artwork for printing. Currently, Mrs. Brown and the Travelers are working on a mural to install in the hallway outside of Mrs. Russell’s room.

Stewardship Day

Rain date information will be available soon.


There are no jr. band or afterschool string lessons today.

Jr. Band is having a rehearsal tomorrow at 12:15.
News from The Cafe

We have been having so much fun in the cafeteria with different kinds of music - last week we even had a rap-off!

Mindful Monday

Mindfulness On-the-Go: Walking Meditation Practice by Elisha Goldstein
1. Appreciate. If you are fortunate enough to have the ability to walk, try and remember, it took you over a year to learn how to walk and these legs are often the unsung heroes that take you to and fro day in and day out. Thank your legs for all their efforts.
2. Ground. Bring your attention to the sensations of your feet and legs as the heel touches the ground, then the base of the foot, then the toes, and then they lift. You can actually say to yourself, “heel, foot, toes, lift.” This is a way to connect to the action of walking in the present moment.
3. Come to Your Senses. Walk slightly slower and begin to open your awareness to all your senses, one by one. Sight, sound, taste, feeling, smell. See what is around you, listen to the sounds, taste the air or whatever is in your mouth, feel the warmth, coolness, or breeze on your cheeks, smell the air. Then stop for a moment and see if you can take in all of the senses.
4. Say a helpful phrase. Recite some sayings while taking a few steps. For example, take a few steps and during an in breath say to yourself, “Breathing in, I have arrived, breathing out, I am home” or “Breathing in, I calm my body, breathing out, I relax.” Or make up your own sayings.

Culminating Events

Lunch Menu for Monday June 8th

Dress Your Own Dog Day 
Garden Pasta Salad 
Fruit and Veggie Bar Vegetable Soup 
Or Yogurt Parfait Or Sunbutter and Jelly Or Deli Sandwich Or Pizza 
Fresh Milk