Monday, October 10, 2016

Announcements 10-11-2016


After School Programming
  • Tae Kwon Do 1-3 (Small Gym)
  • Magic (Rocket Punch Games)
  • Archery (Pelkey's)
  • HW Club

Beginning Band and Orchestra schedules are taped on the walls outside the upstairs classrooms. Please check to see when you should be in the band room. Today is beginning alto sax and trombone. Wednesday is beginning violin, cello, and trombone.

Full Sr. Band, with 6th graders, is this afternoon at 2.

7/8 Boys and Girls Soccer AWAY game at Town
Starts: 4:15 pm

We have a Walking Wednesday Scheduled for Tomorrow
The weather on Wednesday is expected to be excellent.  Please come out and join the walking school bus nearest your home.

Today is Earth Observation Day
Earth Observation day is a day to celebrate the Landsat mission that began in 1972. The Landsat mission is a satellite mission that takes aerial images of our Earth. This data is used to compare changes in our environments, temperature, population, and so much more. These images help our countries scientists, farmers, environmentalists, and many more make important decisions.

For more information go to:

Join us outside at 8:45 for a Drone flight demonstration
UVM's spatial analysis lab is sending up a team of expert drone pilots to help us gather some new images of our lands and stewardship projects. They will be launching and flying a large drone above our school property.

We would LOVE to share this experience with your classes and kids. We will be sending some more information about Earth Observation Day and other activities to be involved in. But here is a video to show you what it might look like tomorrow morning (link in case video below does not work for you).

This will be kicking off around 8:45 or so. There will be spaces in the field behind the playground outlined by cones that you will be able to sit or stand with your students. We just ask that you give the professionals and students involved space to complete their work and stay within the given boundaries.

We are so excited about this and we hope you decide to come and join us!

Earth Observation Day Classroom Challenge:
Any classroom that completes this challenge in Google Earth will receive a signed certificate by one of the UVM drone pilots! Click on the link below for the challenge guidelines and directions.

If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Borst or Ms. Bertucci.

Monarch Butterfly Migration last Friday 10-7-2016
All the kindergarteners learned about the endangered Monarch butterflies by doing a migration of their own from the U.S.A. to Mexico.  The migration event would not have been possible without the extensive help of the Bridges program students and helpers from Incredibles.  More pictures of the event are being shown on the library TV.
Getting ready to be butterflies that migrate to Mexico
The migration begins
Each group migrated along its own pathway
Running a gauntlet of dangers: wind, birds, insects...
Flying over waterways
Note the butterflies on student’s fingers
The finger held butterflies landed on trees in Mexico
The butterflies’ US passports were collected and stamped in Mexico
Butterflies having quesadillas, chips and water in Mexico
Eating salsa the students made themselves the day before

The Sunrise students made some really cool Fall refridgerater magnets

Mrs Williams Class made Applesauce (10-7-2016 and 10-10-2016)
Last week students washed and chopped up apples.  The apples were then cooked in a crockpot and the product was refrigerated until Monday.  On Monday Mrs Smith took the applesauce and guided students through a milling process.  Afterwards everyone had a chance to taste the applesauce with and without cinnamon.  The verdict... very tasty, especially with cinnamon!
Putting the applesauce through a food mill
Everyone gets a turn

Tasting the applesauce with and without cinnamin

Compost Update
The compost after breakfast has been looking much better. There are still a few trash items ending up in the compost bin, but we have made great improvements. Keep up the good work and lets keep trying for zero trash.

Thank you.

For Snacks Today we have Grapes
  • One cup of grapes, with about 100 calories, provides more than a quarter of the daily recommended values of vitamins K and C. 
  • Grape seeds, which are edible, are chock-full of antioxidants. 
  • It takes about 2.5 pounds of grapes to make one bottle of wine. 
  • Raisins are dried, sweet grapes. WebMD

Students may take two fruit servings with each meal. They must take at least one.
Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 7.42.23 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 7.59.14 AM.png