Friday, October 28, 2016

Announcements 10-31-2016


Very Short Halloween Joke      Link to Joke

Important After School Information for this week
WEEK OF 10/31 - 11/4

There will be no SES Tutoring this week because of Student Led Conferences

The After School schedule will be limited this week as well, only Homework Club and Drama will meet, and Drama will not be held on Monday 10/31, see the schedule below:

Monday 10/31
HW Club (for students already enrolled ONLY)

Tuesday 11/1
HW Club (for students already enrolled ONLY)

HW Club (for students already enrolled ONLY)
1-4 Drama (for students already enrolled ONLY)

HW Club (for students already enrolled ONLY)
1-4 Drama (for students already enrolled ONLY)

Band lessons for 7/8 are for brass today, Syd, Peter, Tim, Renee, Kalan, Caleb, Pilot and Liam. Please check the lesson schedule outside your team for specific times or outside the band room.

Full Sr. Band with 6th graders is Tuesday. Beginning flutes are having lessons today.

Weather for Outdoor Activities
Dress warmly and head out for outside recess today.

Thanksgiving Meal Tickets For Sale
Once again our food service, the Abbey, will be selling tickets to adults for the Thanksgiving meal to be held on November 17th. Students will be served for free. Adults please stop by the Cafeteria office to purchase your tickets early. They are $3.50 per adult. Meal tickets can be purchased the day of the Thanksgiving meal at a point near the front lobby, not in or near the cafeteria.  The cost on the 17th will be the same.

Walking Wednesday coming November 2nd.
This will be the Only Walking Wednesday for November.  Don't miss it.

Mark Your Calendar for Veteran's Day

Trevon and Sebastian Built this Cool Buddy Bench for SACS 
The bench's purpose is to reduce loneliness on the playground. Here is how it works. If a child is sitting on it alone, it is a signal to the other kids to ask him or her to play.  Check it out next time you have recess.
The Bench Being Delivered
Trevon, Sebastian and Friends Gave the Bench a Tryout Next to the Playground

The Abbey Cafeteria Staff
The next time you are in the cafeteria be sure to thank the staff for all the hard work they do on your behalf.

Pictures of Some Students Enjoying Breakfast on Friday 10-28-2016

Explorers Animal Rescue Project
The Explorers are collecting shoes for the animals at the Humane Society.  Please bring them to Mrs. Halverson's room.

Check this 1/2 minute video out:     Link to Video

Team Investigators students in Physical Education class with Ms. Wight
The little gym had a halloween theme to it last week. It was most impressive when the regular lights were turned off and children played in the gym illuminated with black lights. Regular lights were needed for the photographs.



For snacks today we have oranges
We all could probably eat more fruits and vegetables. But if forced to choose between whole fruit or a glass of juice, which one seems more healthful?

The general advice is to opt for the fruit, since juices are stripped of the fiber – which most us don't get enough of — in whole fruit. And let's face it: Most juice contains a lot of sugar, which most of us consume too much of.

An 8-ounce glass of juice has roughly the same amount of energy as two oranges.

Students may take two fruit servings with each meal. They must take at least one.
Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 9.23.05 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-10-28 at 9.24.23 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-10-28 at 9.22.40 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-10-28 at 9.29.39 AM.png