Monday, December 5, 2016

Announcements 12-6-2016


Students may take two fruit servings with each meal. They must take at least one.
Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 10.15.16 AM.png
Grape tomatoes should be served on Tuesday.

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Grape Tomatoes
  • Originally developed in the 1990’s, these tiny tomatoes have become popular because of their sweetness and one-bite size. 
  • Originally tomatoes were considered poisonous by Europeans. It was thought if you ate a tomato, its poison would turn your blood to acid—aren’t we glad that turned out to be just a myth!
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Tuesday 12/6/16
  • HW Club
  • TWEEN RAW Strength and Fitness:  Students should come dressed to participate in this active program. We recommend sneakers, comfortable pants (sweats or leggings), and a t-shirt.
  • Magic

Wednesday 12/7/16
  • HW Club
  • Tutoring
  • Creative Writing
  • Double Dutch: Dress for Exercise (see above)
  • STEAM Hero Investigations
Thursday 12/8/16
  • HW Club
  • Money Makers
  • Buddy Club
  • Minecraft & Mindfulness


Sr. Band with 6th graders is rehearsing today, and Jr. Band is rehearsing after lunch today.

Band lessons are posted outside the band room and on the 7/8 teams bulletin area.

Orchestra is rehearsing tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM.


The weather will be decent for heading outside for recess today.  Be sure to dress for the snow and wet conditions.  It seems like we might get one more day of snow tubing out of the last snowfall. Enjoy.


Everyone: Walking Wednesday
December 7th.  This is the only Walking Wednesday for December, so please try to come out and join in.

Students in Grades 5-8: Auditions for "Annie" 
Please note that Tuesday the 6th is the last day to sign up for "Annie". If you have any questions about the play please contact Ms. Hartman. December 7th and 8th.  More Details Here at this Link.

Everyone: Day of Code
On December 8th, we will celebrate our "Day of Code".

Parents/Staff:  School Board Meeting
December 8th. 6:00 PM in the School Library

Everyone: Sr Band and Jazz Band Concert
December 15th.  7:00 PM in the Cafeteria

Parents/Students: Craft Night
December 16th.  6:00 PM in the Cafeteria
Organized by Friends of St. Albans City School (Parents/Teachers)

Dreamer's Families:  Dreamer's Holiday Concert
December 21st. 12:15 to 1:00 PM in the Large Gym

Everyone: Holiday Break.  No School
December 23 - January 2nd



Don't forget to Bring in Food for Operation Happiness.  This is the last week to gather food for the drive.
Picture from last years food drive.

Examples of great donations would be canned fruits/vegetables, dry foods like pasta, rice or cereal, peanut butter/jelly, soups or jars of baby food. Please contact us if you have questions about other donations and be sure to check expiration dates. Students will come to your community between 8:20-8:30 to collect donations. Our goal is to collect 3,000 donations from our school. The community that collects the most items, will receive an Ice Cream Celebration. We will be collecting donations from through December 9th.

As we approach Day of Code (Thursday) consider this Information...
Did you know this week is Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek)? CSEdWeek is held in recognition of the birthday of computing pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper (December 9, 1906).

Rear Admiral Dr. Grace Murray Hopper was a remarkable woman who grandly rose to the challenges of programming the first computers. During her lifetime as a leader in the field of software development concepts, she contributed to the transition from primitive programming techniques to the use of sophisticated compilers. She believed that "we've always done it that way" was not necessarily a good reason to continue to do so.

To learn a bit more about Grace Hopper watch this video:  Link to Video  2 1/2 minutes long.

Walking Wednesday 12-7-2016

Do come out and join us on this winter walk to school.  We will be following our regular walking schedule and routes.  Check them out on this map if you have not walked with us before.

Parents & Teachers: Dressing Well for the Winter Wetness
It is the time of year when students are often getting wet pants from outdoor playground equipment or playing on the ground. Parents if you anticipate a wet day from rain or snow please send in extra clothes in your student's back pack. Teachers could you please ask them wear their snow pants or not use the areas that are saturated.

Worried about Whooping Cough?
Go to THIS LINK for the latest guidelines on what to do about it.

Everyone: Community Wellness Event
Shake Santa Shake Black Light Zumba
December 8th 6 to 7 PM. SATEC Gymnasium
Details can be found at this Link.


Picture of Boys 5/6 Basketball team with coach Woodland at their first game of the season.  Submitted by Athletic Director Wendy Trainer

The Snow Tubes Were Used for a Second Time this School Year  12-5-2016
In the morning about 3" of snow fell to the ground.  Those with the proper clothing went outside and reveled in the new snow.

A few pieces of Art from the cafeteria lobby displays