Monday, November 10, 2014

Announcements 11-11-14

Veterans Day

Today the entire school will be walking to Taylor Park to watch the Veterans Day parade and ceremony. Please remember to dress for the weather and wear shoes for walking.

What is a Veteran?
By Jordon S.

“A person who has served in the military.” That is the dictionary definition of a veteran, but what does the word ‘veteran’ mean to you? To most, this word describes someone who has risked, or is currently risking, their life to serve our country. Millions of people have veterans in their families, and might have their own definition of what a veteran is. Veterans Day is known to countries all around the world, and each of these countries has celebrations to honor all of the veterans.

The five branches of the military are the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps. The Army is the oldest and the largest branch of the five, and they are ground forces. The Navy is considered to be the defender of the seas, while Air Force is responsible for providing air support during missions. The fourth branch, Coast Guard, is the smallest, but has a big role, which is controlling illegal immigration by sea. Last but not least, is the fifth branch of the military, the Marines, or Marine Corps works with the Navy, but focus on ground operations. Do you know anyone that is or was a veteran?

Walking Plan

Team USA will be walking with Investigators & Explorers 1st & 2nd grade.
Investigators & Explorers 3rd grade will walk behind Team USA. 
Renaissance will be walking with Imagination & Travelers.
Imagination & Travelers 3rd grade will walk behind Renaissance. 
The 6th graders will be walking with the Kindergartners. 
Triumph, Discovery, Incredibles &Voyagers will walk by themselves 4th & 5th

      We will all be meeting in front of the school in our groups lined up 2 by 2 at 9:50. The 7-8 communities will walk 3 by 3 with there two buddies. 

In front of the building, there will be students in the red Team USA shirts with signs telling all groups where to line up. From there, we will have a student dismissing the lines one after another to go up to the park. We ask if you could be as quiet as possible when meeting in front of the building so we can dismiss everyone asap. We appreciate your cooperation very much.

Thank you,
Team USA 

First Grade Artists Prepare for Veteran's Day

After learning about Veteran's Day, first grade artists created special flag necklaces to wear to the St. Albans Veteran's Day Parade and Ceremony. Make sure to ask a first grader to show you his or her flag necklace. Thank you Veterans!


Jr. Band will be rehearsing today, at approximately 12:15, or after everyone in band gets to eat lunch.

Jazz Band is rehearsing today at 2, so Sr. Band is off for today.

Operation Happiness has started! 

Team Renaissance will be collecting non-perishable foods for Operation Happiness Food Drive. We will collect the items from your Learning Community around 11:0 0 a.m. every morning. Our goal this year is 3,334 non-perishable items.  Triumph has 123 items!  We have completed 4% our our goal.  Please bring in items tomorrow.

Open Doors

The following Open Doors classes meet today Tuesday, November 11th
  • Session B students taking Archery will board bus #2 at 3:10.  Archery students will check in with Open Doors at bus #2 before boarding the bus.
VerMONEY-held at City School. 

Dungeons and Dragons is not meeting.

All session A students taking Open Doors classes go to the cafeteria at 2:45 dismissal.
It is very important that all students riding the buses afterschool follow the bus expectations. 

There is Open Gym this afternoon for basketball players who have signed up.

Cheerleading starts today at 3:30 for students in grades 5-8.

Lunch Menu for Tuesday November 11th

Grinders: Turkey, Ham, or Sunbutter.