Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Announcements 10-14-2015

Daily Announcements  Wednesday October 14th, 2015

Walking Wednesday is Today

We are holding our walk to school day regardless of weather. If you are reading this at your morning meeting after the walk/bike, then thanks to those who joined one of the walking school buses.

Open Doors
The following Open Doors classes meets today, Wednesday October 14th
  • Reader’s Theater
  • SACS Newspaper
Come to the cafeteria upon your dismissal.

5/6 Home Game with Alburgh
Start time is 4:15 pm

7/8 Boys will NOT have practice today.
However, be prepared to have team picture taken on Thursday (10-15-2015)

Cross Country Running
The XC team races at Town School today.
Athletes meet in the school lobby at 3:00 pm for departure
Race Time is 4:00 pm.

Raider Report

The Raider Report crew returns with a report on sports, introductions of the crew, and the return of the "Ladies" in Taylor Park.  5 1/2 minutes long.        Raider Report Short Show 3 

Link to Video

Pumpkin Muffins -Kindergarten
Mrs. Lawyer's students worked with Mrs. Lamb and Mrs. Smith to prepare pumpkin muffins on Monday October 12th. Pureed pumpkin from Hudak Farm, and other hearty ingredients, were used to create this delicious treat. The result was popular among students and teachers.

Information about our School's Stewardship Committee
Our School has a large committee made up of 6th-8th grade students and staff (the principal, farm to school coordinator, facilities manager etc.) that help make decisions about stewardship projects around the school. It typically meets monthly and sometimes more frequently. The committee advises learning communities on stewardship project locations and funding sources for projects.

This past Monday (10-12-15) the committee discussed establishing a milkweed "farm", ways to prevent people from trampling the flower beds in the parking lot medians, mulching the base of the big tree between the two soccer fields, an update on a grant requests for christmas trees, rock barriers to protect the rain garden outside at the bus circle, and clearing growth from the site of a compost shed we plan to build.

If any team has an idea for a stewardship project, this committee needs to be consulted. Its members can be a tremendous resource for making projects happen.

Example: Kindergarten team presenting their project to the committee a few weeks back

Garden Space Improved
St. Albans City School is fortunate to have a number of UVM Extension Master Gardeners volunteering their time to help out. In recent weeks a huge amount of work has been done by them on the fenced space adjacent to the community garden. At one time this area's dense clay soil was covered with weeds. Thanks to their help, this area has now been cleared, mulched and prepared for future plantings. Check out their fine work when you next go walking by the garden on the path.

Newly prepared space is on the left side of the picture

Freshly prepared garden space

Students Enjoying Recess at the Peak of Fall

Breakfast Menu
Fruit Smoothie and a Fresh Muffin
  • Whole Grain Cereals, 
  • Oatmeal, 
  • Bagel w/Cream Cheese, 
  • Healthy Breakfast Round,
  • Cabot Yogurt Parfait
  • All Served w/ Milk, Juice and Fresh Fruit

Lunch Menu
National School Lunch Week Chipotle Chicken, & Cheese Flatbread Melt Broccoli Salad Fruit & Veggie Bar Vegetable Soup

Entr√©e Options Main Meal or Cabot Yogurt Parfait or Deli Sandwich or Pizza Offered with all Meals 

  • Vegetable/Fruit Bar 
  • Fresh Fruit, 
  • Fresh Hood Milk