Thursday, October 1, 2015

Announcements 10-2-2015

Daily Announcements  Friday October 2nd, 2015

Joke of the Week

Link to Joke of the Week Video

Picture Week Continues
Location Professional Library.  All students and staff are expected to have an updated picture.
Kindergarten students waiting to be photographed

7:45 to 9:00 USA
9:00 to 9:30 PreK
9:30 to 10:45 Discovery
10:45 to 12:00 Voyagers

Where?  Upstairs in the professional library (AC206)
Absent? Send him/her to AC206 any time between 7:45 and 11:00 am
Questions?  See Jennifer Seymour.

Tutoring starts on Monday, October 5th

Reminder: Parents, please return your household income form if you have not already done so.  Even though we have universal free lunch, it is important to fill out this form to continue this wonderful benefit.  If you need a form, please email: Peg Jehle at

7/8 boys practice 3:30-5:00 pm

Cross Country Running
Race on Saturday at Hard'ack  1:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Open to grades 1-8
1:30, Girls Grades 1-2, ¼ mile
1:40, Boys Grades 1-2, ¼ mile
2:10, Girls Grades 3-4, ½ mile
2:20, Boys Grades 3-4, ½ mile
2:40, Girls Grades 5-6, 1 mile
2:55, Boys Grades 5-6, 1 mile
3:10, Girls Grades 7-8, 1.5 miles
3:30, Boys Grades 7-8, 1.5 miles

Reminder: Walking Wednesday next week October 7th.

Get your walking shoes (or bike) ready.

Parent Portfolio Meeting 
On October 6th, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm, there will be a parent meeting in the library. This meeting is for parents interested in working on a committee to help us think through some of the student portfolio components. If you are interested in joining, please email Brian Clark…

Shucking Local Corn for Lunch
Those of you who plan to eat the local Mazza's Farm corn (Colchester VT) at lunch today have the Voyagers & Triumph to thank for doing the corn-shucking work on Thursday Oct 1st.  The Abbey and Mrs. Lamb and Smith contributed to making the purchase and process possible.

Because we shucked our own corn, our school could afford to buy a locally harvested high quality food source to add to our lunch.

The students worked in our still-new vegetable and fruit prep room.  It used to be an unattractive storage room that was remodeled last year with a large sink, stainless steel prep tables and a substantial refrigerator.


Bus safety, Walking and Biking Safety Meetings
St. Albans City School has been holding safety meetings with each learning community over the last two weeks. The point of these meetings has been make sure we are all safe when riding the bus and when coming to school by bicycle or on foot. Here is a list of expectations:

On the bus:
  • Follow bus drivers directions
  • Quietly talk with seat mates while facing straight forward -aisles are clear
  • Show respectful behavior towards everyone (No bullying, or distractions)
  • Quiet when at railroad crossings
  • No food or drinks out of backpacks while on the bus (choking hazard, spills)
  • Hands and head inside the bus, not out windows (branches scrape the bus)
  • Windows are left clean of graffiti

While biking
  • Helmets are a must
  • Walk your bike across pedestrian crosswalks (it is a law)
  • Ride on sidewalks, but riding on sidewalks on main street downtown is not allowed.

  • Only approach a crosswalk when you are ready to cross -make eye contact with drivers to make sure they see you and stop.
  • Use push button activated crossing lights when available

7th/8th grade Team Renaissance attending safety meeting

Mrs. Lawyer is Missing an iPhone
Last seen on top of a shelf in the Kindergarten hallway around 8:15 am (Thursday) it is an iPhone 4GS.  Please contact her immediately if found.  Thank you.

Breakfast Menu (for those who check daily announcements before school)
Friday: Whole Grain Breakfast Bun or Fruit Smoothie
Additional Daily Offerings:
  • Whole Grain Cereals, 
  • Oatmeal, 
  • Bagel w/Cream Cheese, 
  • Healthy Breakfast Round,
  • Cabot Yogurt Parfait
  • All Served w/ Milk, Juice and Fresh Fruit
Lunch Menu
Harvest Meal 
BBQ Pork Sandwich on a Bun Roasted Local Potato Wedges Local Corn on the Cob Fruit & Veggie Bar Vegetable Soup 

Entrée Options Main Meal or Cabot Yogurt Parfait or Deli Sandwich or Pizza Offered with all Meals