Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Announcements 4-27-2016


After school programming
Open Doors:
  • HW Club
  • Full cast until 5:15
Open Doors Session 5 begins May 9th.

Congratulations to the Jr. Band for a great concert last night. Mr. Mehaffey and everyone there is very proud of your work and effort to put together so much music.
  • Win time band for B 5th graders is on for today.
  • Full orchestra is rehearsing tomorrow morning, and Sr. Band is this afternoon. 
  • On Thursday, Sr. Band will not be rehearsing.

Boys 7/8 Baseball - Practice today from 3:30-5:00 on the baseball field.

First School Classroom Visit Day
Today we will have people walking around our school observing in the PreK to third grade classrooms. They are here with a group called First School, and they have been working with us all year.

Fitness Team Practice
Fitness Team will practice tomorrow -Thursday from 3:15-4:40

Outside Recess
It will be cool and sunny.  A great day to get outside.


Friends of St. Albans City School Meeting tonight
This is the parent and teachers organization for our school.  Meetings are informal and fun. Parents and teachers are invited to have some input into happenings at school.

Time: 6:00 PM
Location:  Library

Attention all 8th graders,  the yearbook committee (Mrs. Nadeau or Mrs. Perrault) need all forms, baby pictures and money by Thursday, April 28th at the end of the day. 

Discovery News

No, they're not playing Tug-o-War!  Just before vacation, some Discovery students worked to clear grapevine and other roots and brush from the plot of land for the Tree Farm. New evergreen trees will be arriving any day now, so the team is preparing the land for planting.  Look for the changes as you travel the walking path!


Autism Month
10 things someone with autism wishes you knew…
7. Transitions are difficult, routines and given expectations are helpful
8. Criticize gently
This is so absolutely true.:
9. Offer real choices — and only real choices
10. It takes longer to process what was said as well as how to respond
Thank you for supporting Autism Awareness!

2016 WALKING CONTEST (Starting Tuesday May 3rd -Ending Friday May 27th)

The annual Walking Contest will be held over four (not six) weeks in May and will have three components to it:

  1. Determine which community has the largest turnout for Walking Wednesday events held once a week over May.
Incentives to participate - group photo in daily announcements and an hour and a half of time with Rise VT and their smoothie bikes (June 3rd).

  1. Determine which community completes the most walking path laps each week.  
Incentive to participate - win the right to display the golden shoe award for the week.  A picture of the team with the award will be taken and posted on daily announcements.

  1. Determine which community completes the most laps over the four weeks.
Incentive to participate - $200 to spend on recess equipment (kickballs, basketballs, soccerballs, tennis balls etc.)

A few Rules
All laps must be completed on the ½ mile gravel walking path.  Laps indoors around the gyms or beyond the school campus on field trips will not count!

On Walk at lunch day (May 3rd) and SBAC testing days all laps around the walking path count double towards the contest.

How to Play 4 Square and Tetherball
Ever wondered how to play Foursquare (1 1/2 minutes long) or Tetherball (2 1/2 minutes long)? Watch these videos and learn!

videos will not display in email - click here to view.

Strawberries are for snacks today
1. Strawberries aren’t true berries, like blueberries or even grapes. Technically, a berry has its seeds on the inside. Each seed on (the outside of) a strawberry is considered by botanists to be its own separate fruit. 

2. Strawberries are members of the rose family.  They smell as sweet as they taste.

Entrée Options Main Meal or Cabot Yogurt Parfait or Deli Sandwich or Pizza
Offered with all Meals Vegetable/Fruit Bar Fresh Fruit, Fresh Hood Milk